Shlomo Havlin

contact info:
Prof. Shlomo Havlin
Department of Physics
Ramat-Gan 52900 Israel
Name: Shlomo Havlin short cv (pdf)
Date of birth: July 21,1942
Birthplace: Jerusalem, Israel
Marital Status: Married and father of four children
Education: Ph.D., with Highest Distinction, Bar Ilan University, 1972

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Major Research Interests:
Statistical mechanics, phase transitions, percolation, optimization, diffusion in random systems,
statistical properties of polymer chains, physics of disordered systems and fractals, chemical reactions,
statistical physics of biological and medical systems, granular media, traffic flow,
atmospheric physics,earthquakes, econophysics, epidemics and immunization strategies,
complex networks, networks of networks, climate networks.
Over 800 papers (2020), H-index 108, 108 papers with more than 108 citations, more than 4000 citations per year
Over 300 plenary and invited talks at international conferences. (ISI). H-index 133, 180 papers with more than 100 citations, close to 7000 citations per year (Google Scholar)
Ranked second in the country (2017) for citations, among all scientists in Israel.