Shlomo Havlin

contact info:
Prof. Shlomo Havlin
Department of Physics
Ramat-Gan 52900 Israel

Press articles on Havlin research:

Fresh teams are associated with original and multidisciplinary research
Israeli expert’s plan to triple impact of 1st shots: Don’t vaccinate the elderly
The Vulnerable Can Wait. Vaccinate the Super-Spreaders First
Israeli, German Scientists Double El Niño Warning Time, Predict Storm in 2020
Early warning: Physicists from Giessen, Potsdam and Tel Aviv forecast "El Niño" for 2020    pdf
New link between sleep arousals and body temperature    pdf
Study on zebra fish may crack the mystery behind SIDS    pdf
Physicists Go Hunting for Consciousness - video heb / video english     
APS - Riding Planetary Waves
txchnologist - Shaky Dominoes: Hardening Power Grids Against Cascading Failure
Nature News- US electrical grid on the edge of failure    pdf
USA Today - El Niño weather could be forecast a year ahead    pdf
Wired - The Mathematics of Averting the Next Big Network Failure (original from Simons Foundation)
BBC Future - A better way to learn Chinese?
ScienceNews - When Networks Network    pdf
The New Science of the Birth and Death of Words    pdf
Study tracks births, deaths of words    pdf
Modern era brings death to words    pdf
Languages Lose Vocab to Science and Spell-Check    pdf
Texting Kills Off Words, But Language Survives    pdf
Digital Spell-Checking May Be Killing Off Words    pdf
Physics today: Using the friendship paradox to sample a social network Strategy to stop a pandemic    pdf
Physics World: Method could cut number of vaccinations by half     pdf
APS Physics: A Better Shot at Immunization     pdf New immunization strategy for stopping computer virus spreading A Better Shot at Immunization
Chaos: New way to analyze sleep disorders
Physics Today - Mark Newman: The Physics of Networks
Innovations | The Bar-Ilan University Magazine: Operator, My Cell Phone Has a Virus
Physics Today - Adilson E. Motter and Réka Albert : Networks in motion
usnews - Report Suggests Social Environment's Outsized Role in Obesity
CNN video on cascading failures

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