Fractals and Disordered Systems
Armin Bunde,University of Giessen, Germany
Shlomo Havlin,Bar Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel (eds.)

Second Revised and Enlarged Edition

Fractals and disordered systems have recently become a focus of great interest in research.
This book discusses in great detail the effects of disorder on mesoscopic scales (fractures, aggregates, colloids, surfaces and interfaces, glasses and polymers) and presents tools for describing them in mathematical language.
A substantial part of this book is devoted to the development of scaling theories based on fractal concepts. In 10 chapters written by leading experts in the field, the reader is introduced to basic concepts and techniques in disordered systems and is led to the forefront of current research.
In each chapter, the connection between theory and experiment is emphasized. This book also includes a special chapter on "Fractals and Experiments" where experimental studies of fractal systems are presented. The fully revised second edition of Fractals and disordered systems includes updated literature in this important field. It is pedagogically written and will be also useful for students, teachers, and active scientists who want to become familiar with this fascinating subject.


1. Fractals and Multifractals: The Interplay of Physics and Geometry(H. E. Stanley).
2. Percolation I (A. Bunde and S. Havlin).
3. Percolation II (S. Havlin and A. Bunde)
4. Fractal Growth (A. Aharony).
5. Fractures (H. J. Herrmann).
6. Transport Across Irregular Interfaces: Fractal Electrodes, Membranes and Catalysts (B. Sapoval).
7. Fractal Surfaces and Interfaces (J. F. Gouyet, M. Rosso and B. Sapoval).
8. Fractals and Experiments (J. Kjems).
9. Cellular Automata (D. Stauffer).
10. Exactly Self-similar Left-sided Multifractals (B. B. Mandelbrot and Carl J. G. Evertsz with new Appendices B and C by R. H. Riedi, B. B. Mandelbrot).